Removal Products.


Removal Products.


Removy Solution 5ml

All in One product. Can be applied for the direct removal after the pigmentation. Apply Removy Solution with a Microbrush and rub in thoroughly. For old pigmentations, and pigmenting with short 5-shader cartridge. Needle insertion of 0,5 mm, the skin slowly breaks. Apply Removy Solution several times.

Soft Brow Removy 10ml

Soft Brow removy is a gentle and safe product that removes dark or faulty eyebrow pigmentations. Soft Brow Removy gradually breaks the crystal structure of the pigment in the skin. In this way, your own skin rejects the pigment easily. Your eyebrow will become lighter within a few applications of Soft Brow Removy. To remove it completely, you need to repeat the treatment several times.

Soft Brow Removy is not a corrosive acid, but pH neutral.

How to apply Soft Brow Removy?
Puncture with 5-point shader needle, be sure not to go too deeply. The skin will become white. This is not a camouflage; Brow Removy extracts the unwanted pigment from the skin.

Tattoo Removy (Extra strong) 10ml

Tattoo Removy is the strongest removal in our assortment. It consists of the same ingredients as Soft Brow Removy, only with  higher concentration. It is only recommended for the experienced pigmentists.

It absolutely cannot be used around the eye area.

Besides, be careful when treating thin soft, sensitive, transparent, porcelain skin. These types of skin are not strong and Tattoo Removy can cause a small dimple (sagging of the skin). Large areas cannot be treated in one session. It is better, for example of a big tattoo, to divide the whole treatment area into small islands of 4 mm². The healthy skin, which is located between the treated area, ensures that the skin heals quickly.

Quick user manual
Use a 5-point shader needle. Very short tip 0,5 mm. First dip in anesthetic and start with pigmentation with Tattoo Removy and open the skin softly. Tattoo Removy will break down encapsulation. When skin fully opens, stop the treatment. If not, repeat soft pigmentation with Tattoo Removy again. In the end, dry the skin with cleanex.

After care
apply vitamine A+D ointment after 2 hours. Absolutely don’t use near the eyes.

Tattoo Removy can only be used by professional Micropigmentation artists, who have successfully completed Ecuri Removal Training program.

Home Removal

Use Home Removal at home every day in order to optimize the success of the removal treatment. This unique lotion ensures that the undesired pigment dissolves better and is repelled through your own skin, so even the last traces of pigment are eliminated from the skin. The client starts using Ecuri Home Removal the same day that the treatment begins.

For the undesired pigment, the client only needs to use the brush which comes with the bottle. Ecuri Home Removal speeds up the removal process by up to 40%.

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