Products of mesotherapy.


Products of mesotherapy.


All our Ecuri machines are designed and developed in Germany, they are GGD (health authority) approved and extremely reliable. An Ecuri micropigmentation machine will not let you down! If you are not satisfied we will make sure the machine is replaced immediately.

To order please call +31 (0)10 450 77 90 or E-mail

Ecuri Meso-Gun

Ecuri has developed a mesotherapy for the Ecuri Micropigmentation machine, with which fine lines and wrinkles can be filled using hyaluronic acid. You get a spectacular result within a short treatment of 10 minutes, without bruising, swelling or redness.

By using supportive serums, the own repair mechanism of the skin can be greatly stimulated. There are different types of hyaluronic acid for different types of skin:

Soft Cross Hyaluron 1% (3), 5ml

Double Soft Cross Hyaluron 2% (8), 5ml

Saypha Filler 1 ml

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