Eye lift without surgery


No more suffering from hair growth, always smooth, always perfect!

Jett Plasma Lift Profi

We tried out for GOLD and once again we succeeded!
This time it took on the shape of the Jett Plasma Lift Profi with the GOLD HEAD which is not only unique because of its focussed plasmaray but also because it works as the only AD device in the whole of Europe!


So what can the Jett Plasma Lift Profi help you with?

  • Upper and lower eyelid-corrections without incisions Eyebrow-lift
  • Tighten the upper lip and crows feet
  • Uneven pigmentatuin, threadvain, wart and fibroid removal

And all of this in only one treatment!

Wat makes our system unique?

All other plasma-pens create dots of about 4 mm and are only able to ‘treat’ the upper layer of the skin where as our Jett Plasma Lift Profi creates dots of only 0,1 mm.
It is able to scan the skin with its uniquely focussed plasma-ray we are able to reach not only the upper layers like other devices but deep within the dermis.

The Jett Plasma Lift Profi therefor does not only manifest superficial tightening of the skin but tightening deep within the dermis for a longer lasting and better result! Because the size of the dots are 19 to 39 times smaller the chances of uneven pigmentation and skin damage are close to null.

Would you like more information about the plasma pro lift and / or the training data?
Pease send an email to or to

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