Ecuri pigments are the most concentrated pigments available.


Ecuri pigments are the most concentrated pigments available.


Ecuri pigments are the most concentrated pigments available.They are instantly absorbed by the skin and have a minimal discharge. Ecuri pigments have an ideal, thick consistency. They don’t splatter or spill. Ecuri pigments do not turn red or grey, but gradually fade into the skin. Ecuri pigments have a unique cool/warm code. Each pigment is marked with a temperature for undertone, so that you can tell at a glance whether you are dealing with a warm or cool colour. Practically all pigments can be removed with the Zap-away or Q-med laser technique.

3 ml lockable solo packaging        
10 ml flexi flacon

There are 4 pigments available:

  • Classic

  • Super Strokes

  • Nano

  • Xtreme Ombre


Super Strokes Pigments

Hair strokes with razor are applied with unique pigments. The traditional eyebrow pigments generally fade too fast. Therefore, it is recommended to use the Super Strokes pigments. Wether you use either 3-point power, 4-point flat or 1-point micro, use always the Super Strokes Pigments.

There are 7 colors:

Nano Pigmenten

Available in 6 colours:



Xtreme Ombre

It’s a new generation of very strong organic pigments that will stay in the skin up to 90%!


Minimum color changes after healing 
Very predictale 
Nicely fading 
Covers old permanent make-up 
Covers colors like orange, red, blueish etc.  

Available in 7 colours:

Are you a Permanent Make-up professional and would you like to work with a top quality brand?


Fixing Agent Black is not a pigment but a catalyzer which make the strokes stay better, thinner, crispy and darker in the skin.

When a pigment goes into the skin, it is a liquid. It takes some time to get from liquid into the solid crystal structure (dry time). Later on the pigment will be incapsulated. During this period, the pigment is very vulnerable. This is why we as technicians and clients, have to be so careful with the pigmentation. During the healing period and dry time, pigment can be rejected, or migrate in the skin. This gives thick and sometimes blurry strokes. Fixing Agent Black speeds up the dry time. Pigment turns into crystal structure in minutes. This also speeds up the healing time. You still have to be very careful with your pigmentation, but due to Fixing Agent Black, pigment heals much faster and more beautiful in the skin.

How to use Fixing Agent Black?
After you have made 2 or 3 strokes, apply with Microbrush and rub in the stroke with the stem of the brush. Immediately after, press well with cleanex for 10 to 20 seconds.

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