Get beautiful brows quickly with the new Microblading


Get beautiful brows quickly with the new Microblading



The Microblading Technique is the latest method for filling in eyebrows. This method of applying Micropigmentation requires no equipment. Ecuri Cosmetics has developed an ingenious blade that creates beautiful brows in an instant. The hairs it creates are fine, blade sharp and no one can tell them apart from the real thing.

This procedure uses blade thin cuts to deposit pigment into the skin.The results are immediately visible and last for up to two years.The procedure takes about 15 minutes to complete for each brow and is absolutely painless. The Microblading Technique differs from the usual method of applying Micropigmentation and takes training to perfect.

That’s why Ecuri Cosmetics is organizing special Microblading training sessions. An experienced Micropigmentation specialist only needs a single session to be able to achieve gorgeous results.

Ecuri Microblading

Holder and blade all together.
Ready made packed, EO sterilized,with lot no. and expiry date.

  • 7 round 0,25 mm
  • 7 Nano slope 0,20 mm
  • 9 Slope 0,25 mm
  • 14 Curve 0,30 mm
  • 14 Round 0,25 mm
  • 15 Flat shader 0,25 mm
  • 17 Ultra Flex 0,20 mm
  • 18 Nano U-blade  0,15 mm
  • 18 U-blade 0,20 mm
  • 21 Ultra Flex  0,18 mm


  • 5x Nano pigment 10 ml
  • 1x Fixing agent
  • 1x pigment delutant
  • 1x pigmentcups holder
  • 1x Pigmentcups 250
  • 1x Microbrush 100
  • 1x Micropencils 25
  • 10x White Petroleum sachets
  • 10x U 18 blades 0,20mm
  • 1x Caliper
  • 2x Practice pad
  • 1x Microblade pencil






Nano Pigments

Microblading with razor are applied with unique pigments. The traditional eyebrow pigments fade too fast. Therefore, it is recommended to use the Nano pigments, when you work with machines. No matter you use either 3-point power, 4-point flat, 1-point micro or Microblading, use always the Nano Pigments.

Are you a Permanent Make-up professional and would you like to work with a top quality brand?

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