1st Mediterranean PMU International Congress and Championship

From 14th to 17th October 2018,  Alec Kurucz will be a guest speaker at the first PMU International Mediterranean Congress. This congress is organized by Academy Royal and Royal PMU in Antalya, Turkey!

He will share his knowledge about scalppigmentation, scalppigments and nano pigments.

Date: 14th to 17th October 2018
Location: Antalya, Turkey

Masterclass Dolly Lips: Perfection with Consuelo Rinaldi

Consuelo Rinaldi is a permanent make-up artist since 2007 .
She grew up in her mother’s beauty salon and she was fascinated by make-up since she was very young.

She is specialized both in manual and machine tecniques and she performs micropigmentation and medical pigmentation as well.
In 2015 she became Master of the International Ecuri Cosmetics academy and she opened her own school in north Italy.

Her business is growing very fast and she is also expanding in other countries.
In Italy she became very famous for the Ecuri Removal with saline solution.

Her master is very popular and she is working a lot with video classes.
In 2017 she was speaker at the Medical Beauty Congress in Hungary for her hairstroke technique and teached also on a masterclass at the congress.

In 2018 she became Worldwide PRO ARTIST thanks to the great success of one of her works published on Microblading & PMU World Associacion, which is connected to one of the best academies in the world.
In the last years she is working a lot with the shadings technique with the 1 point needle.

Cost: € 500,00
Date: Wednesday November 21   10.30 till 17.30
Location: Lisbaan 15, 2908LN Capelle aan den IJssel, The Netherlands

For more information please call +31 (10) 450 77 90 or send an email to

Alec Kurucz is the pioneer in Micro Pigmentation and has been active for 30 years. Alec gives master classes throughout Europe.

Call: +3110 450 77 90 or mail to

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